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An essential part of daily life

At Danone Dairy and Plant-based, we are on a mission. A mission to bring health to as many people as possible, to live more sustainably, to be better for future generations with the hope of improving the lives and wellbeing of our people. How do we intend to do this? Through what we do best of course - food.


For over 100 years, the brains behind our business have taught us the importance of health led foods, a category we pioneer. Always bringing tasty, nutritious, fermented foods that are accessible to everyone, a legacy we are truly proud of. So proud in fact that we won’t just stop at taste, we’re committed to using more sustainable ways of sourcing, creating and delivering our food to make sure we’re building a more sustainable future for generations to come. 

At the heart of our purpose is our people. We aim to bring them better health and improve their wellbeing. We go all out, to make sure we let everyone in, striving to build a more equal and inclusive business, powered by the diversity of our people. Leaving no one behind, we’re driven to make a change that matters for us and our consumers.

Our values as a Bcorp business mean we know how to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We’re a force for good, waving the flag for healthier, sustainable living, both for our people and our planet, today tomorrow and always.

Our global business by numbers 

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In Ireland

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Building on our unique dairy expertise

Yogurt is the foundation of Danone. We are the yogurt experts.

In 1919 in Barcelona, Isaac Carasso recognised the health benefits of fermented milk for children suffering from intestinal issues. Manufacturing the first ferments – and naming them after his son Daniel – Isaac began to sell “Danone” yogurt products as a health food to pharmacies.

100 years later, our portfolio is still rooted in the belief that fermented products are a core part of daily life. Indeed, fermented dairy products are a traditional part of many food cultures across the world. Building on the proximity of our brands, our dairy portfolio reflects the simple, natural and sustainable way we meet people’s desire for better-for-you, great tasting and locally produced food.

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Embracing consumer aspirations for more choice

Our strategic move into plant-based food and drinks reflects our commitment to bring a wider choice to all consumers, especially the growing number of ‘flexitarians’ looking to diversify their protein sources, and people with dietary constraints or preferences. The addition of Alpro's food and drink brought Europe's number 1 plant-based products into our portfolio.

Consumers responded well to our strategy to adapt and develop offerings to meet their diverse needs. We embraced the acceleration of healthy eating trends including the growing demand for natural, low-sugar, locally sourced and high-protein products.

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, we continue to develop our business across all channels, especially in fast-growing convenience, impulse and online.

Danone's Dairy and Plant-Based brands in Ireland