Research and Innovation

We have spent over 120 years pioneering nutritional solutions. People are at the heart of our innovations. We have a deep understanding of the needs of the babies, young children, patients, parents and carers we serve.

Our expertise is in life science, food science and technology and how people like to eat and enjoy food. The passion, drive and expertise of our employees enables us to pioneer nutritional solutions for people with specific nutritional needs.


Our research and innovation continually evolves, building upon our insights into nutrients and their integral role in optimal health.

We use these insights to create and tailor evidence-based nutritional solutions for infants, young children, pregnant women, patients and the elderly, supporting them throughout their lives. We believe it's only by appreciating individual needs that we can provide support and solutions necessary to help families through difficult and challenging times. We always strive to do better and to care more in everything we do.

We have invested €1 million in health research with Irish universities over the last five years.

Research areas

Research areas

We focus on the following specialist research areas:

•  Breastmilk

•  Nutrition and growth

•  Gut health, microbiota and immunology

•  Neurosciences

•  Muscles and mobility

Innovation capabilities

Innovation capabilities

We invest in building our innovation capabilities in:

•  Clinical research

•  Sensory and behavioural science

•  Product development & process technology

•  Digital solutions

•  Packaging innovations

Academic community

Academic community

We are embedded in the academic community

•  100+ peer-reviewed publications in 2018

•  130+ presentations at scientific and medical conferences in 2018

Understanding local health needs

Understanding local health needs

We develop programmes to help build local nutritrional profiles

•  Our NutriPlanet study aims to gain insights into local nutritional profiles

•  The study has been implemented in 54 countries