Better Choices

We innovate to create and promote healthier alternatives

We believe that everyone in the food and drink industry has a role to play in tackling health. We need to do more, faster – and at Danone we are taking action to improve our portfolio and inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits.  

This includes helping people understand what a healthy diet is and the nutritional value of different foods so they can make better choices. 

Within our portfolio, we are increasingly focusing on ways to encourage the consumption of flagship products: the healthiest in their category.  We offer more plain yogurts and plant-based alternatives, through innovations in this category. We actively promote the consumption of water as the healthiest way to hydrate.


Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges facing Ireland. There is no single solution. We believe that product reformulation and innovation is important, but it is only one element. Helping consumers understand what makes a healthy diet and the nutritional value of different foods and drink is just as important. Clear and consistent nutrition labelling is a key part of this. We are commited to providing the most appropriate product labelling to encourage healthier choices. 

Older woman shopping

In Ireland, we are joining the conversation in light of the Government’s recent consultation into Front of Pack Labelling. We believe that NutriScore is the best nutrition labelling approach, for products intended for adult consumption. It allows consumers to compare the nutritional quality of a product and make an informed choice about what to eat and drink. 



The NutriScore system grades a product from A to E, based on all its nutritional elements, rather than grading them separately. This makes it much easier for consumers to know which products have more nutritional value than others. 


Man eating yogurt

As more consumers adopt a flexitarian diet, dairy plays an important role in helping people achieve lifelong health. We hosted a workshop on flexitarianism with leading Irish dietitians and nutritionists in 2019. It was a satellite event to the FENS nutrition conference held in Dublin. We wanted to increase awareness about flexitarianism and enable informed discussion about the role of dairy as part of a flexitarian diet. We see this initiative as helping us to pave the way for future yogurt product launches.