B Corp Certification in the UK and Worldwide

A force for good

B Corps (B Corporations) are mission-driven businesses operating as a force for good. They do business in ways that are not only good for their shareholders, but good for their employees, customers, communities, suppliers and the environment.

Danone is the first top 10 branded food and healthcare manufacturer in the UK & Ireland to certify as a B Corp. We are part of a growing global community set up to balance purpose and profit, helping to create a better world while thriving as businesses.

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Doing business in the best possible way


There has never been a more critical time for to galvanise greater action from responsible businesses. More than ever, people want to buy from, work for, invest in and partner with businesses they trust to make a positive impact.

Being part of the B Corp movement helps to accelerate collective progress to tackle the social and environmental issues we face. As one of the largest B Corps in the UK and Ireland, we will continue to do more to meet the needs of people and planet.

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One Planet. One Health

At Danone, we are on a journey to challenge ourselves and collaborate with others to go further for people and planet. Read our One Planet. One Health 2019-2020 Highlights to find out how we are helping to improve health, protect our planet and support our communities across Ireland and the UK.



B Corp businesses meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance and public transparency – with a proven commitment to balance profit and purpose. Across the UK and Ireland, we are proud to have secured B Corp accreditation at a business level alongside our brands Alpro, Harrogate and Volvic.

Watch our video to find our more about the five pillars of B Corp Accreditation

Our positive impact worldwide

B Corp strengthens and complements Danone’s ‘One Planet One Health’ vision, highlighting our belief that the health of people and planet are interconnected. It is also an expression of our long-time commitment to sustainable business and to Danone’s dual project of economic success and social progress.

Over 50% of Danone’s global sales are now covered by B Corp™ certification, marking significant progress towards Danone’s ambition to become one of the first certified multinationals.

Find out more about Danone's B Corp journey.