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We continuously improve our products’ nutritional profile

Danone’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. We have taken the decision to build a health-driven portfolio through our three business categories - Essential Dairy and Plant-based products, Waters and Specialised Nutrition.

We must go beyond simply selling food and offer products and services that have a positive impact on health. We are committed to continuously improving the nutritional quality of our products.

2018-2019 globally


Sugar reduction

Supporting healther choices

We’re proud of our progress in reducing sugar to give people lower sugar choices.

We are eager to support the implementation of the Irish obesity strategy and are keen to play a collaborative role in addressing this public health issue. 


Here in Ireland, we took part in IBEC’s research on the progress of food and drink reformulation alongside 14 other food and drink companies. This report contributed to the store of public knowledge on intakes of sugar, salt, saturated fat, total fat and energy. It analysed how reformulation and new product development by the industry interacts with consumer choices to impact on the nutrient intake of pre-schoolers through to adults. This data is vital to provide a baseline for any future sugar or fat targets be developed by Government. Find out more.

In our yogurt category, we have significantly reduced the sugar content by 15% over the last 10 years. But it’s not just about renovation, we also innovate to bring healthier products to market. We launched Danone yogurt which only uses ingredients that consumers will recognise - milk, live cultures and fruit, all with no added sugar - as well as Light & Free with 0% fat and 0% added sugars. All of our water based drinks are below the soft drinks industry levy and provide a healthier option for consumers as an alternative.

Our Specialised Nutrition consumer portfolio (which includes formula milks and complementary foods) has also undertaken extensive reformulation projects. We have worked hard to lower the naturally occurring sugar content of our baby cereal portfolio, supporting parents in encouraging their babies to develop a taste for balanced food options

We reformulated our Cow & Gate Cereals range which delivered a reduction of 35% average total sugar per ready to feed portion.

Our Aptamil Cereals range followed suit in 2020 delievring a 39% reduction. 

Sugar reduction


Our commitment and investment to improving the nutritional profile of our products goes beyond reformulation. We have our own comprehensive nutritional targets and criteria that we adhere to. 


Setting targets

Our Nutritional Targets, which we have published since 2016, are used across the business as a benchmark for improvement. These targets are applied using criteria, known as the Nutrition Check procedure, and are embedded in product innovation and reformulation projects.  Learn more. about our 2020 undertakings.


Consumers and public health authorities are increasingly active in advocating for food industry players to act responsibly. As a market leader, Danone believes that it is our responsibility to provide healthier alternatives in order to drive and support consumer change. 


A combination of two research assets

Our R&D teams developed NutriWays, a complete approach to enhance the nutritional superiority of Danone’s products. The programme combines NutriProgress, the nutritional monitoring of our products compared with those of the local market, with NutriChoices, the study of the dynamics at play when consumers substitute one product for another.


NutriProgress - a nutritional profile comparison of products

NutriProgress involves 32 countries and compares the nutritional profile of Danone products against similar items on the market. The comparisons are based on a set of criteria defined for each category (e.g. key nutrients, nutritional needs of the consumer, public health issues etc.). We implement NutriProgress in order to monitor, improve and enhance the value of Danone products.


NutriChoices - a new approach focusing on diet

NutriChoices focuses on understanding food dynamics, including associations and alternatives in a consumer’s diet. The insights gained enable us to develop realistic diet simulation scenarios to help measure the nutritional impact of our products on the whole diet. We use this information to identify healthier alternatives for consumers in each market.