Danone Wexford: Becoming the first carbon neutral baby formula plant in the world

For nearly 50 years our team in Wexford has been committed to manufacturing brands like Aptamil and Cow & Gate in ways that protect and preserve the planet for future generations. Some 10 years ago they set out on the journey to become the first carbon neutral baby formula production site in the world.


The Carbon Trust, an independent global climate change and sustainability consultancy, has certified Danone Wexford as carbon neutral. Danone Wexford was transformed into a carbon neutral site over the course of the last decade, whilst production volumes doubled. The certification is step towards becoming a zero net carbon company by 2050 and an illustration of our One Planet. One Health vision in action. 

The 10 year journey to carbon neutrality

Over the course of the last decade carbon emissions were curbed by improving the energy-efficiency of the plant and switching to renewable energy sources whilst improving the waste management in the facility;


  • 2012: installation biomass boiler. Biomass heating is a proven technology with low net lifecycle carbon emissions compared to fossil sources of heating like coal, gas or oil.
  • 2013:  the production site’s spray dryer that helps to convert milk into dry powder for baby formula is powered by the biomass boiler that is fueled with sustainable biomass from local wood producers in Ireland.
  • 2017: Switched to 100% renewable electricity, sourcing 15GWhrs of power which is the equivalent of 3100 Irish households1.
  • 2019: ISO 50001 certification, proof of using energy as efficiently as we can.

    All this has resulted in 10.000 tons less CO2  emissions compared to the plant’s emissions in 2010, representing a 70% reduction of the production site’s direct carbon footprint whilst it doubled its production volumes since then.
  • 2019: offset of remaining direct carbon emissions of the plant as well as emissions resulting from employee commutes with Gold Standard certificates purchased via the Livelihoods Fund.
  • Zero-waste to landfill
  • Powered by 100% renewable electricity
  • Biomass boiler powered by sustainable wood fuels
  • 70% reduction in its direct carbon footprint whilst doubling production volumes

Certification by the Carbon Trust


After having reduced the CO2 emission of the plant as far as was technically possible, the Carbon Trust certified Danone Wexford as carbon neutral in line with the requirements of the internationally-recognized PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality.  But it won’t stop there; Danone Wexford will continue to reduce its carbon emissions to ensure it maintains the carbon neutral certification and look for more ways to manufacture baby formula sustainably in ways that bring health to people and the planet. 

1Irish household electricity consumption =  4749kwh/yr. source: https://www.seai.ie/data-and-insights/seai-statistics/key-statistics/residential/